Taming The Monkey: Freeing ourselves from the smoking habit
Taming The Monkey

About the book

Taming the Monkey is a revolutionary new approach to managing the smoking habits through changing our perception of it and ultimately leading ourselves to freedom of choice: Do we want to keep smoking or do we want to be free from the habit? After reading the book and applying the method, you will not have made a more informed choice in your life, not only on the intellectual level, but on the level of realization of the truth about your unique experience of the smoking habit: Why do I smoke and do I really need it? It is an emotional as well as an intellectual journey of awakening. It is quitting smoking without having to quit smoking.


About The author

I had a smoking habit of 16 years. I used to smoke between fifteen and eighty cigarettes per day every day, and it didn’t matter if I was healthy or sick. For a long time I saw myself as the reincarnation of the Marlboro Man. I truly loved cigarettes and smoking. I would smoke, on average, one pack a day and at times I would smoke two to four packs in one night if I was out partying with friends or even partying alone at home or partying at a bar with strangers or having a prolonged gaming session at home, the cigarette was always hanging off my lips. The method described in Taming The Monkey is the method I developed and used to free my self from the smoking habit. I was the least likely candidate to quit smoking, yet I did. If I could free my self, then certainly you can too!

More about the book

The basic aim of this book is to change your perception of the smoking habit. It doesn’t preach things you already know, such as “smoking is bad”. The book evangelizes change of our inner world in order to change our outer world. We use the Time Limit program in order to affect change over time, both mental and physical change. When the time is right the choice will present itself: Do I want to smoke or do I want to be free? Do you even remember the time you chose to be a smoker? Well, now you can choose freely. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

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