Controlling the Cigarette Monkey

I am in control.

Using the time limit program which gives us control over our own timelines frees us from the pressure of authority or the need to conform to predefined parameters for success and failure, someone else’s predefined parameters for success and failure. We can succeed and fail as much as we want, and our level of effective guilt management can allow us to objectively gauge our level of advancement. Having a cigarette three minutes before the predefined time limit is not the end of the world, and if we feel it is the end of the world, then we know that our emotions are dictating our thoughts and know that the monkey is trying to wrestle the control back from us. We are observing, learning and adapting. Success is guaranteed and almost constant when we look at things objectively. For every smoking occasion that we don’t smoke we can reap the benefit of a small victory and small step towards a tamed monkey. For every minute we abstain we are winning another battle in the war for our freedom. We are essentially building our success-muscle, small successes here and there make for a very strong success muscle that will be able to carry us over large hurdles of time and carry our effort to freedom. Our ultimate success lies in achieving freedom from cigarettes and taming the monkey. One day the urge to smoke a cigarette will be no stronger than the urge to brush our teeth and no more painful. Sometimes the urge and discomfort will be too much to handle and we know that we are here not to torture the monkey into submission and we can allow ourselves to have the cigarette and know that we will back even stronger and wiser the next day. Some days will be easier than others and some days will be difficult and that is life. It is success in its own right to admit to ourselves when the pressure is too high and we want to give in. It is a huge success to have empathy with ourselves, so long as we are being honest with ourselves. To fail and forgive ourselves knowing that we will try again, is a great success in its own right. The real success lies in the gradual change we are affecting in our lives, and not in the amount of pain we can subject ourselves to.

The monkey will fight us every step of the way and it will use our entire brain capacity to fight for its suppressor of painful emotions, the cigarette. It is our ability to see past the discomfort and pain, our ability to have faith that will eventually lead us to be free from the pain, the taming of the monkey. The monkey will thank us for taming it, because the monkey needs our guidance. The monkey was not meant to have authority, the monkey took charge when it saw that our spirit was slumbering and not ready to lead. The monkey is in charge waiting for the spirit to take charge. When the time comes and our spirit starts to awaken, the monkey fights it. The monkey is losing control and will fight to remain in control. No one gives up control without a fight. That is why we let the spirit slowly take charge, to allow the monkey time to learn to trust the awakened spirit and to eventually relinquish control to the spirit. The monkey was in control and because it is a monkey it will fight to maintain control, it senses change and fears it. When the spirit awakens and takes charge, everything will fall into its right place. We will be free from the smoking habit and the monkey will be tamed, we will be in the kingdom of heaven.

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