Compassion And The Smoking Habit

I don’t want compassion, I want more cigarettes.

When we keep feeding the monkey on our back the monkey will grow wilder, the less we feed the monkey the wilder it gets. There is no way out, the monkey is not rational, we need to tame the monkey and the monkey needs to learn that it will not get its way all the time. The longer we stay away from our drug of choice the more irritable we become, the monkey is feeling the deprivation. Nicotine is a pesticide and not a drug, heroin is a clean drug in comparison to nicotine. The monkey doesn’t care. Other people’s opinions, even risking jail are irrelevant, the monkey just wants the fix. We will suffer and we will experience pain just as we will suffer and experience pain when going to the gym, and we will suffer and experience pain when we get lung cancer. We will stub our toes and experience pain. The pain and suffering here is not the withdrawal symptom of quitting smoking, it is the emotional pain and suffering we have been suppressing with cigarettes. When the cigarette is gone the pain is finally allowed to come up to the surface. When we stop denying our existential pain, when we acknowledge it we acquire the courage of truth to feel it fully, and move through it all, and it will no longer define us. The courage of truth is the reason Jesus was able to ask forgiveness for his oppressors in his darkest hour. There is no amount of pain and suffering that the courage of truth cannot conquer. Jesus was so sure of the truth that no amount of lies and denials could hurt him. Now we can move towards love and happiness. Now we find that the search for love is motivating us to act and the avoidance of guilt no longer has any power over us. We now understand that pain is part of life just as pleasure is part of life and those two feelings, although different, are just parts of an equilibrium of emotions. How come we prefer to risk cancer rather than allow feelings to pass? There is something wrong when we humans deny something that is innate to us, emotions. It is like denying we have lungs just because we can’t see them. We experience the pain, allow the old self to die and we rise again changed and free.

The time limit method is not about quitting because quitting is a negative word and quitting is bad habit to develop, no one wants to be a quitter, unless it’s a boring, dead end job. No one succeeds by quitting. We need to keep our eyes on the prize, the taming of the monkey and the freedom of choice. It is about being honest with ourselves about ourselves and about our reality. It is about the courage to look life in the eye and not backing down. It’s about showing the tobacco corporations that we have self-control and they will not take it away from us again, because we live by the truth and no amount of marketing gimmicks will distract us from the truth. We are beings of infinite love and no amount smoke will smother our inner light.

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