Breaking The Addiction Cycle

Tired of being addicted.

As we expand the time limit we are slowly breaking up the old routine, understanding it and replacing it with new habits, eventually we will replace it with healthy habits. We are awakening the slumbering spirit. Nothing puts the spirit to sleep like routine does, those actions that are directed by the internal autopilot. The spirit needs to be gently awakened to do its job properly and the best way is to slowly break up the routine and allow the spirit to awaken instead of jolting it out of bed with a bucket of cold water, as in the cold turkey method. The gently awakened spirit will be compassionate and patient and our anger will have less power over us and others. Slowly we will expand the time limit to include more craving episodes. Those craving episodes are like hitting the snooze button in the morning, the spirit can go back to sleep for a while until the next alarm. The first craving episode of the day is the most important, because after eight hours of sleep the body will the furthest away from nicotine in the daily nicotine ingestion cycle and so it will be the most intense. The more intense the first craving episode is, the more strength we gain from withstanding it and the less snoozes will be required before the spirit has been awakened. The addiction cycle has been broken.

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