Smoking to Kill Negative Emotions

I must think sad thoughts, so I can have a reason to smoke.

The human mind can be compared to a simple computing machine, a simple computing machine that is a highly complex and paradoxical organic computing machine. Where man-made computers adhere strictly to mathematical logic, the human brain is able to present logical fallacies as absolute logic with the power of emotions. This is simple to prove, we just need to look for a smoker to see this in action. There is no logical reason to poison the body with cigarettes, unless the logic is to destroy the body. Nobody smokes to destroy their bodies, intentionally. We smoke to destroy painful emotions and the unwanted result is destruction of the body. Emotional reasoning at its best and worst, not very logical. If our leg hurts we don’t destroy it, we look for the cause of the pain and resolve it. The same goes for painful emotions, mental hurts that need resolution, we can’t destroy the emotions, we need to find the root cause and resolve it. The comparison between a simple computer and the brain is really not fair here, so, why are we making it? Because we need to activate the imagination for internal change to take place. Learning is easier when the imagination is engaged and we want to learn to use our imagination to change our perspective on reality. When we realize that some of our thinking is irrational, then we can break out of our old habits of thinking, then we can deconstruct our habits, destroy that habits we don’t want and strengthen the ones we want to keep. Brushing our teeth has deeper meaning now and smoking has no real place in our lives. When we take control of our language, we take control of our thoughts. When we take control of our thoughts, we take control of our imagination. When we take control of our imagination, we take control of our subconscious mind. When we take control of our subconscious mind, we take control of our perception of reality. When we take control our perception of reality, only then will we be truly free and have freedom of choice.

The human mind functions as well as its thoughts, as well as the material we feed into it. When we think negative thoughts, the brain becomes a negative thought computer. If we fear spiders and think about spiders, the brain becomes a fear amplifying thought machine and we become hyper vigilant and imagine seeing spiders everywhere. If we get scared enough, even this text starts to look like spiders. When we think positive thoughts, the brain becomes a positive thought computer. When we think of loved ones, we think happy tender thoughts that give us energy to better ourselves for the benefit of our loved ones. It becomes easier to find love and to become love in our daily lives. Roses don’t smell as good as when we are in love. When we watch a horror movie, our imagination is filled with scenes of scary situations and we feel fear. When we watch a comedy movie, our imagination is filled with funny incident that happen in the movie. We laugh and we feel good because we are repeatedly exposed to funny scenarios. The scenes are repeated enough many times to affect our state of being, the same goes for our thoughts and the words we think repeatedly.

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