Time To Wake Up

I don’t want to wake up.

The cigarette smoking is a perfect measuring stick of our will to wake up or remain asleep. The more we smoke the deeper we are sleeping, the less we smoke the more we are awakening. We are not being singled out for being smokers, we are not being singled out, and we need to stop judging ourselves. To judge ourselves is to focus on the past, to focus on the past is to avoid the now, to avoid the now requires that we ignore the reality of the now, to do that we need to be asleep. A smoker will be subject to criticism and verbal attacks because smoking has been established as a bad habit by society. A cigarette is a clear sign that a person belongs to the persecuted class, the undesirables. Smokers will be subject to shaming and character judgement based on external cues, cigarettes, not the internal state of being. This persecution has the effect that the persecuted person feels unease and stress and is driven to smoke more. Humans when persecuted change for the worse, humans when encouraged change for the better. We need to provide encouragement for ourselves if we want to change the smoking habit into a non-smoking habit. Persecuting ourselves only leads to running away from ourselves and slipping deeper into the sleeping habit. We want to gently wake up and live a healthy life.

Do we want to wake up or do we want to slumber? Asking ourselves this question and answering it honestly without fear of our own judgement will provide us with the answer to all the questions in our lives. For example if our answer is, “No, I want to sleep,” then we know the answer to, “Do I want to put time, effort and energy into change?” The answer will be simple “No, I want to believe that everything will be the same and nothing will change. I am in control.” Using the imagination we can believe whatever we want to believe and it will be our truth and only time can tell if we were right or wrong. We know that waking up in the morning means work, responsibilities and life in general, and the only escape from it is going back to sleep. The question can be put another way, “Do I want to work hard now to get results later, or do I want instant gratification now while denying the inevitable compounded pain later?” It is very dangerous to live life as if the question has only one part “Do I want instant gratification all the time without any consequences?” Who would not answer yes? Yes, we can have it all, we can have pleasure now and no pain later, we can have it all in our imagination. We don’t imagine ourselves growing old and dying, we don’t imagine ourselves getting sick and we certainly don’t imagine ourselves having reduced lung capacity and using an oxygen tank to breath. The monkey doesn’t care much for those apocalyptic future scenarios, the monkey is focused on avoiding pain and seeking pleasure right now. We are sleeping because we are living in a dream-world where we believe our actions have no consequences. We need to stop shying away from reality, as if reality was not part of the deal of being alive, and face it head on. The bright light will hurt the eyes for a moment and once we have adjusted, the full glory of being alive will manifest in front of us and all around us. No amount of cigarettes, drugs or distractions will even come close to compare to the high of being truly alive.

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