No More Pain

I use Nicotine Replacement Products because they taste good.

When addicted we use drugs to ease the discomfort of suppressed emotions and painful emotions. Using Nicotine Replacement Products, we are managing the addiction to nicotine by changing the delivery method of nicotine, essentially adding another layer of complexity to the addiction equation. We are quitting without quitting. We can drink beer to ease the discomfort of quitting hard liquor, and we remain addicted to alcohol. We need to find a drug-free alternative to using NRPs. Where NRPs are helping us suppress our emotions, we need a method that empowers us to experience our emotions in a gradual and controlled manner to the point where we are finally able to experience the full range of our emotions, without the need to escape. We will know that feelings can’t hurt us anymore, in fact they couldn’t and they didn’t want to, we were only afraid. We need a method where there will be no more overwhelming urge to smoke, there will be no more unmanageable stress, and there will be no need to escape, suppress or cope with our emotions. We need a method where there will be understanding and energy, energy needed to power the change we want to effect in our lives. Where NRPs drain our energy and keep us docile, we need a method that allows for and encourages the free flow of our energy, energy that we will need in our lives to get the full experience of living. We need a method where we gradually expose ourselves to the immense source of energy that is inside of us all. That source of energy is as powerful as the sun and once we really understand its potential, we will, by our own will and volition, simply stop poisoning our bodies. We will be free.

NRPs indicate intense fear. We need to look deep down into ourselves and find that fear and work with it. The fear can’t hurt us, it just indicates to us that something is not right. We only need listen to what it has to say and feel it, and it will go away. The cigarette works like a pacifier with the addition of the addictive chemical nicotine. We need to wean ourselves off the pacifier and the addictive chemical. The connection is established and strengthened between the two by the force of the habit. If we quit the pacifier and continue to ingest the chemical then through the established connection we are prolonging the addiction to the pacifier, we are running in circles. We need to allow ourselves longer and longer periods off the pacifier and the chemical in order for us to experience the feelings we are running away from, and by doing so defeat the monster of addiction and liberate ourselves from the habit and the repressed emotions that anchor it. We will be truly free. All we need to do right now is to believe that we in fact can be free.

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