The Logic of Nicotine Replacement Products Part 2

Monkey business school incorporated.

Are the NRP salespeople the devil incarnate? No, they are just human beings trying to make sense of the mystery we call life. How come we critique NRP so harshly? When telling the truth is considered to be rude and lying is the polite thing to do, that is when smoking helps us to calm our nerves and the drinking just takes the edge off of a hard day’s work, when gambling is just a pastime and we overeat because food tastes so good. When the truth hurts our feelings, we know that we are in deep trouble and need to make drastic changes and alter our perceptions of reality. NRPs are designed to ease the discomfort of quitting smoking, they are designed to make us feel as if we are not quitting at all, they are designed to trick the monkey into believing that nothing is really changing. It is the promise of the desired change, without the required effort. Sound too good to be true? It sounds too good to be true because it is too good to be true, there is no change without effort. Change is happening whether we are conscious of it or not, it takes more effort to not change than to change, we need only ask any aging movie star about their fading (changing) looks. When we just quit smoking the monkey will still have fond memories of smoking, and we will run the risk of relapse. When we quit smoking with NRP, we face the challenge of trying to quit the NRP. Double the money we pay and then double our quitting? Essentially NRP products take away the money we manage to save on non-smoking. This is how the free market works. The NRP people see all the money we spend on cigarettes and figure that they can guilt us into giving this money to them instead. When a person quits smoking there is suddenly more cash in his pocket and someone needs to market to this ex-smoker and take that money before someone else does or the smoker falls back into smoking. Does it sound cynical and calculated? Is the distinct lack of humanity so obvious? Are there really people out there who are willing to make money off of human suffering? Sure there are. Buried deep down under a thick layer of concrete, beneath all the marketing gimmicks and market research, a good idea that is to help people quit smoking and ease the agony of quitting shines through. This idea is sacrificed at the altar of excessive short term profits. Typical monkey thinking.

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