The Logic Of Nicotine Replacement Products

Eat more and lose weight? Sounds logical.

A bottled water salesman will cover up a well, and claim the local water-fountain is “unhealthy” just to sell more bottled water so he can make his mortgage-payments to the bank which also happens to own the water-bottling company. He knows it in his heart that he produces no value for the community and that his soul will burn in hell, and yet he sleeps well at night. How can he sleep well at night? Because he sleeps on a bed made of money and that all his bills are paid on time. The monkey is firmly in charge and it is focused on survival. Heaven and hell concepts require imagination to comprehend, and the monkey is concerned with avoiding pain and scarcity, not going to heaven. The monkey works to avoid material scarcity without paying attention to moral ethics. The monkey needs food and shelter and is willing to do anything to get them. The meaning of life is going to work and paying bills, the water salesman is the perfect human being in his own monkey mind. The quit-smoking coach that gets a paying customer will want to eventually have the customer fail at quitting and return, because return customers are cheaper and easier to maintain than recruiting new customers. When the failure returns with amplified guilt, he will be even easier to control and keep returning. The monkey learns this at monkey business school. Those people who will tell us that quitting is easier using Nicotine Replacement Products (NRP), are the same people that profit from our addiction to nicotine and eventually NRP. There is a way to end the suffering and that is by buying their products. Hell will freeze over before we see a drug dealer help an addict beat his addiction by selling him drugs in slightly different packaging, it just makes no sense to the human mind, for the monkey it makes as much sense as the earth being flat and the stars literally disappearing into the oblivion of the sky rim every time the sun rises only to magically reappear when the sun sets. In fact. The logic of NRP products is the same logic of addiction, it is rational in its own irrationality. We can’t quit a substance if we are telling ourselves that it’s hard to quit and that we need to ingest the substance in a different form to be able to quit it. It is not in NRP people’s best interest that we quit smoking, it is in their best interest that we try to quit and fail to quit again and again, just so they can sell us more water bottles, more NRP, more misery and more suffering. The more we quit with NRP and fail, the more guilt and shame we feel and the more likely we are to buy more NRP products to escape those painful emotions, the cycle is complete. There is no business like human suffering. It is hard to quit heroin by injecting heroin in the other arm, and this is the essence of the NRP business. We inject nicotine hoping to quit nicotine, it is like quitting drinking by switching from wine to beer, or like quitting our gambling addiction by switching from cards to slot machines, or quitting shopping by going to different stores or switching brands.

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