Smoking Cigarettes And Boredom

So bored

When the smoking habit has been established over a long time and thoroughly ingrained into the subconscious mind, when the act no longer requires the active presence of the brain, the smoke will clear and the mysticism will become ordinary, the fog will lift and the religious experience will fall into the realm of the mundane. The act of smoking that used to help us escape the boring everyday life has now become the mundane everyday life. What was fun and exciting is now boring and dull… it’s become a burden. The habit is integrated into the everyday world from which we were trying to escape in the first place. The cigarette loses its power and it loses its potency. Our knee jerk reflex reaction is to smoke more cigarettes, instead of taking a step back and re-evaluating our priorities. Driving was fun for a while and now it’s a chore, there is no driving pleasure on the way to the grocery store and let’s not get started on rush hour traffic. Smoking was fun and exciting and it was cool, and now it has become a compulsive chore. Nobody enjoys compulsive chores. We may not enjoy brushing our teeth, we do it because we know what will happen if we don’t, cavities and terrible pain, and we know what will happen if we do brush our teeth, strong teeth and fewer visits to the dentist. We all know where the compulsive chore of smoking leads to.

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